Christian Image Consultant

"There is nothing else that I could share with any other woman - younger or older - that would be more loving, instructive, or life-changing!"

If you've ever thought about becoming an image consultant, or even if you already are, Shari's CIC Training will open a whole new world of opportunities as a Christian Image Consultant.

Learn how to work with distinctive features, best fabrics for different body types, critical points for good fit, and much more. This course will give you confidence and skills to work with your clients; to successfully analyze and solve their clothing & image needs.

The CIC Training course contains complete and innovative information unique to the Fashion Meets Faith presentation and ministry. Shari’s method offers personal hands-on training that gives you the tools to start building a successful image business the moment you receive your diploma.

3 Day Course

Hands-on color analysis

Color is the cornerstone of image consulting and may be the most difficult part to master. Through her in-depth studies and years of makeup and fashion experience, Shari has refined color analysis by dominant color characteristics.

You will be guided through the rules and work on developing a discerning eye for color. Practice is the key and you'll have that opportunity on the color analysis field trip.

'Line' with clothing and body
Rules of 'line' in clothing begin with identifying 'body type' or shape. You will learn the specific guidelines for Shari's BOD-X system and be able to correlate and advise clothing styles for each body type.

You will also learn vertical lines and column dressing, camouflage techniques, as well as slimming tips.

Accessorize with Style
Developing Style and being stylish trumps being 'in-style' any time. You'll learn how to revamp your client's accessories style whether she's a Rock Star, Glamour Girl, or Movie Star.

Understanding essential wardrobe pieces and the fundamentals of mixing and matching will make you a pro as a professional shopper.

You will learn the pieces no woman can, or should, live without and how to choose pieces that compliment an existing or growing wardrobe.

Website and Marketing
You won't have to re-invent the wheel because you'll also learn how to market your image consultant business with guidelines to help you on the way.



All graduates of the CIC Training Course will receive:
    - their Diploma and CIC Certification
    - Complete Color Shawl Set for Testing
    - the complete set of color fabric swatches for each dominant color characteristic (light, soft, warm, cool,
      clear, deep): a $120.00 value.
    - Comprehensive Training Manuel



"Since participating in Shari's CIC Certification Training I have been able to develop my passion for fashion to create a successful business as well as offer a special ministry to help women discover their true beauty."

Donna Roland, Faithfully Fashionable

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June 19 - 21, 2014
Charlotte, NC

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