Dear Fashion Fixer,

I am a “Warm” Dominant Color Characteristic and am in the process of going through the 27 Hanger Online Academy. I have a lot of clothes to weed out, but I would like to keep some of the clothes that are not exact colors from my swatches. But, I think they might work because they are warm colors. Can I still wear these?

-Wayward Warm Woman


Dear ‘Wayward Warm Woman’,

I’m going to answer this question for ALL the Dominant Color Characteristics, because it is a GREAT question! You should stay as close as possible to your colors, but you can typically go 2-3 shades lighter or darker than your swatches. The most important thing to keep in mind as you look at your colors is that they fit the category of your DCC.

Here are key words for all the DCC’s:

Warm: Rich (golden/yellow undertone)
Cool: Striking (blue undertone)
Light: Fair
Soft: Mellow
Clear: Vivid
Deep: Bold
I hope this helps as you continue to organize your closet and begin to shop with a purpose!

– The Fashion Fixer

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