Last week I was contacted by a reader after my newsletter featured victims of plastic surgery. After talking with her, I asked if she could share her story…


My name is Anne Ziegenhorn and I am a reader of Shari’s weekly newsletter. Last week’s stories did not shock me at all – I have lived through a similar horror, and now I am charged to do something about it. Here is my story.

Paula Blades and I connected through social media after discovering we shared a common experience … nearly dying from Breast Implant Illness (BII)! Determined to make our stories known and help others, we worked together to find out how. We learned that private citizens cannot have a hearing with the FDA – a committee must be formed.

We began to pray. After praying one afternoon, I opened my eyes and saw my blog page on my computer screen and realized the acrynym was “TIT” – Shortly thereafter, The Implant Truth Survivors Committee was formed. (TITS Committee for short!).  We were asked to change the name several times, even by those connected to the FDA but we stood fast, knowing we heard God’s voice in this!

We have been on local news, radio, podcasts, The Doctor’s TV Show, Animal Planet’s Monster’s Inside Me (now, Season 7 Episode 2). The Implant Truth Survivors Committee is here to help bring awareness to the dangers of breast implants, provide support to women who are suffering, assist with finding plastic surgeons, and help with insurance information.

Implant Truth Survivor

We are now blessed with a great opportunity to have an entire month dedicated to bringing awareness to BII. We need funds for a one-time fee (approximately $5000) by Feb. 20, 2017 for the campaign to be written by the professionals.  Breast Cancer Awareness is October, No Shave November and Heart Disease is Feb. All of these are on the National Calendar. TITS Committee filed to get the month of March BII Awareness and out of 18,000 applications ours was chosen! ALL funds exceeding $5,000 will go to help pay for ladies to be explanted.

We are so appreciative of Shari and Fashion Meets Faith for giving us the opportunity to share a little regarding The Implant Truth Survivors Committee and to help us make this dream a reality.

Note from Shari … If you feel led to contribute to this campaign OR if you have would like to connect with Paula and Anne, please visit

Are YOU a Denim Diva?

I recently read an excellent article written by my good friend and Christian Image Consultant, Donna Roland. She shared this great graphic showing how to pair your denim with various shoes … enjoy!


Did you know that your shoes should be your guide to your hems? For the most flattering looks use the picture above as a guide. If your shoes have no straps, then no cuffs on the jeans. If your shoes have very thin straps, make sure your cuffs are very thin too. If your shoes have wider, thicker straps, a wider cuff is going to look best.