Hello Beautiful!

I’m honored that you are taking the time to read about me and my ministry, and I’m grateful God has led you to this page.

I spent years as an image consultant in the private sector, and the one thing I saw over and over was that women didn’t recognize God’s gift of inner and outer beauty, or they wanted to dress with style and dignity, and just didn’t know how to do it.

We are bombarded with a sea of fashion choices each day. Sometimes, the “fashion noise” can be so overwhelming that women get stuck in a fashion rut. Not to mention, women have a tendency to put themselves last on their priority lists.

God called me to bring the topic of inner and outer beauty to the Church, and to give His daughters practical, easy, and affordable tools to learn to dress with style and dignity.

To be honest, I challenged His call and argued with him for a long time about how in the world I was supposed to bring the topic of fashion to the Church! While praying for 7 years over this ministry idea, He confirmed to me again and again that this is what I’m to present to the world.

One of my favorite things is speaking at women’s events at churches. I love ministering to ladies, as well as their unchurched friends who can be invited using “a day of fashion” as an invitation to hear about Jesus.

My other favorite things are mornings on the porch with my husband and “chef extraordinaire,” Dave; watching my son, Luke, play basketball for United States Military Academy at West Point; sitting curled up with my cats and a good book; and of course prayer time while listening to worship music.

I hope you’ll stick around for a while!

Love you gorgeous!