Dear Fashion Fixer,
I really hope you can help! A year ago I started walking on my lunch break, and my go-to walking/running-around shoes have actual holes in them now, and the style has been discontinued. I’ve had an impossible time trying to find a replacement. I’m an 8.5 *wide*, need some cushioning at the back of the ankle, would prefer no laces so I can change in and out of them quickly at work, and still something supportive enough to walk for an hour. I’m also 34 (and single!), and want something that is cute enough to run around town in and won’t look too dumb with my work clothes over the lunch hour.
Desperate for Cute Shoes

Dear Desperate for Cute Shoes,
Congrats for walking/running AND keeping it up for over a year already…that’s awesome!

One of the most comfortable (and fairly cute!) walking shoes are Sketcher’s Go Walk. They have a slip on variety that will be perfect for you because they come in wide width as well as medium. If you have a Sketcher’s store near you, go in and try them on to be sure of the fit

Another (even cuter!) one to try is Easy Spirit’s Queenie style. This also comes in wide width, is a slip on shoe and currently has four colors to pick from.

If you’re running more than walking, then go to a running store and get fitted properly. Walking and Running shoes are two entirely different ballgames so make sure to treat your feet right for whichever exercise you are doing.

                                     – The Fashion Fixer