Believe me, at every Boot Camp, Donna and I are blessed by and honestly, just plain fall in love with our attendees!! Many were touched by the presence of Mary G. and we wanted to bless YOU with her experience in her words…

Pat and I started a belated celebration of her 70th birthday on Thursday afternoon. We were headed to Myrtle Beach to go to Fashion Meets Faith Boot Camp. Unsure of exactly what to expect we decided we were together and would have a great weekend just spending time together.

But in my wildest dreams I could not have imaged what we would experience. It did not take long to realize how much each of us, the venue, the program and the speakers had been lifted in prayer. We learned, we laughed, we worshiped the Lord, we made wonderful new friends, some got a new hair style and we simply had good clean fun. I can honestly say I have not laughed this much in months.

But what we really saw was the Lord show up in a mighty and powerful way. We saw lives changed before our eyes. Hearts were renewed as our outer body was polished up by learning our color preferences, our body shape and our clothing style. We learned about closest organization and 27 hangers.

We all experienced God’s great love for each of us individually. And we were reminded how we are perfectly and wonderfully made in His image. We are just the way He planned.

Anyone who wants to meet God in fashion should sign up for next year. I can promise you that you will NEVER experience anything like this any where else.  And you WILL be thrilled you went!!!

Thank you Shari and Donna Jean for hearing God’s call on your life and then following thru. We have ALL been blessed by your faithfulness. May He continue to pour into you and bless you richly !!!!!

I am so glad I was able to share this great weekend with my dear girlfriend Pat. May you have many more years of aging your light for Jesus.