Therefore, we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing,
yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.
2 Corinthians 4:16

A message for you…

As I sit here with my morning tea, I have a message that I just can’t get out of my head so I believe it must be for you. Perhaps not all of you, but there must be at least one of you who is struggling in the area of outer appearance, and may even be considering doing something about it.

I’ll be honest. I take care of myself and use good skincare. I struggled with acne when I was a young teen and my mom took me to the cosmetic department so the nice lady behind the counter could show me how to take care of my skin. My mom was an avid Elizabeth Arden fan so jars and bottles of the pink stuff lined the shelves in the bathroom we all shared while I was growing up. I was taught to take care of my skin and still do a fine job of it to this day, thank you very much!

But surgery? Botox? About ten years ago I was offered Botox in exchange for my styling services. I had never had anything like this so I was excited about the opportunity to have some wrinkle free skin! 

But God. The morning I was to have my injections I woke up with a sinking feeling that I was not to go through with it. The feeling just wouldn’t go away. Surely, God wasn’t telling me not to get Botox, was He? Surely not. So off I went. I had my injections and was told I needed to have a series of them over the span of a few appointments.  The morning of my second appointment I had that heavy feeling again. So I cancelled. I mean, come on people, I may be hard headed at times but I’m not that disobedient!

So I had a big ole sit down with God that day and said, “Okay, God, You made me and it seems like you don’t want me messing with it, so until you tell me it’s okay (and He hasn’t yet) then I won’t have anything done where surgery or injections are involved.” And so I haven’ meets faith

About a week ago I read a story about Carol Bryan, who got a botched case of dermal fillers. It disfigured her face and left her blind in one eye. She said she was left feeling like a monster and has even considered suicide.


Read Carol’s story in her own words here.




Yesterday I read another story about a young 19 year old mom who had butt implants and then decided to have a breast augmentation. She’s now brain damaged and unable to walk, eat, bathe or go to the bathroom without help. She can no longer care for her son and will never have a relationship with him the way God intended.

Take a look at this compelling before-and-after snapshot of Linda’s precious life…

Fashion Meets Faith



Why am I telling you this? Because girlfriends, by God’s grace we are going to grow old. That’s just the way it is. And the bible-imagescripture I quoted above tells us to not lose heart over it! It says that even though our outward appearance is perishing, our inward self is being renewed day by day!

There is a catch though. Notice the verse assumes you are being renewed day by day because that’s what God has for his girls. 

What are you doing each and every day to renew your inner beauty and self? The only surgery it requires is the surgery of your heart. Dig deep. Seek Jesus. Renew your inner self by being in God’s word, each and every day. Find a Bible study or prayer group where you can meet regularly with like-minded women so you can grow in the beauty of the Lord. If you think you are too busy for that then, honey, you’re just too busy so something better change so you can make God a priority in your life. 

And as far as surgery or injections go, make sure you check it out with God first, ask Him what He thinks about it. He might say yes to you, He just hasn’t to me. And I’m okay with that because when my husband and kids look into my wrinkly eyes, I hope they see a reflection of Jesus twinkling back at them!!! 

Love to you,


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Dear Fashion Fixer,ff

My question is about jeans and what is in style. While watching Part 1 of the 27 Hangers video training series, Shari tells Laura thather jeans are out of style. I love my jeans and they look just like that! I don’t usually follow trends, but I do want to look current. How do I know if jeans are out of style or not? – Denim in Distress

Dear Denim in Distress,

Jeans have trends just like our other clothing. However, jean trends are often based on the part of the country where you live and fashion meets faithstyles can go in and out very quickly. Having said that, I would say that if your jeans are more than two years old you may fashion meets faithnot want to trust that they’re still in style. In looking for jeans the most important thing is that they fit your body shape properly. If you are hippy with heavier legs, you probably can’t wear super skinny light wash jeans and need a slight flare in a medium to dark wash to keep your hips in balance. If you have slimmer legs, then skinny in any wash will look great on you. Unfortunately, purchasing jeans can be like purchasing a bathing suit; there will be some try-on and trial and error to find THE ones. But, when you do, they can be a key piece in your wardrobe and give you a stylish look any time of year.

A great place to get the right fit for your body shape is a personal styling service like Natalie Attired, where stylists are trained by me to style you based on my proprietary system! (and they have a great selection of current denim styles!).  Or, try a place that specializes in jeans like Buckle and your area department stores who will have styles that are selling in your area! Remember to click on the pictures to see where they’re offered. – The Fashion Fixer