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Does your company need an image or style overhaul? A new uniform guide? Are you an executive that feels you need a style update? Shari can help!

Shari has worked with executives and companies all over the world, and she can help you, too!







Shari is gifted and each woman that attends her training is inspired to be a better version of herself. We partnered with Shari to reinforce dress code and provide tips to achieve a professional image. We wanted a proactive and engaging format to deliver the message. We hoped our female employees would leave training excited to apply the tips instead of feeling like Human Resources was restricting them. Shari delivered!! We started training with a brief fashion show that illustrated the differences between ‘Work Wear’ and ‘Weekend Wear.” Then Shari shared her knowledge about dressing for the four body types, accessorizing correctly, and provided an individual color analysis to each attendee. The class was full of laughter and the most positive energy I have ever seen in a corporate setting. I highly recommend Shari in both church groups and corporate settings.

– Wendy McCrackin, Human Resources Training Manager

“I was unsure what to expect with this training but it far exceeded any expectations I had. Shari’s delivery was witty, engaging, yet absolutely relevant to any woman in a professional environment. I think this should be a basic training that every woman in a corporate environment should attend, particularly if they ever have any customer interaction. The training content was something I can take with me personally and professionally. I will definitely be better attuned to my attire, because yes, as sad as it is, everyone judges a book by the cover. If I take the tools I learned from this training class and apply them to my personal life, then surely there will be a carry-over to my professional life as I make these changes into positive habits. And if I’m more positive about the way I look, from the things I learned, then that positivity will certainly be carried over into my professional demeanor, look, and attitude.”

– Carol Cox, Executive Assistant to CEO

“I’m not exposed to the general public as much as some other female employees are, nor are most of the females in my building, but we do work with the mass of male employees at HTC. Therefore I’m very cautious not to wear anything questionable, revealing, or even something that may be considered sexy. Our society has more relaxed morals than ever and we need to educate our employees as to what is truly acceptable in our work environment. Some younger female employees are not that cautious or modest; therefore, they need to be educated on the difference in work wear vs. after five or weekend wear. They need to also see that it’s not just our “HR” department being “Fuddy Duds” about new styles/trends. It’s a corporate style expert equipping them with the proper information on how to be beautiful with a confident business message. Thank you to our company for stepping out of the box and bringing in this training!!”

– Cindy Dennis, Construction Project Manager

“The training was well worth the investment for our company! Although I no longer work face-to-face with customers, this training helps us to know how we can look our best (and business appropriate). Fashion and styles change often and not all those changes are appropriate for the business environment. This training addressed some of the newer fashions and their place (or not) in the workplace. It was a good refresher for all us, especially where some of the trends may be questionable. I think when you feel good in your clothing choice for the day, it can most definitely affect your confidence. This confidence is then demonstrated to our customers and anyone else you come in to contact with. Not only are we then putting our personal best foot forward but, we are also representing our company well! After all, we are the face of our company!”

– Shellie Phillips, Quality Assurance Specialist