Dear Fashion Fixer,

I am a Soft whose face turns red at the drop of a hat. Most people think I’m just embarrassed a lot, but in reality it happens for many reasons. Maybe I’m hot or I’m laughing, or coughing, or angry, or maybe just embarrassed that my face is turning red again! Should I avoid wearing reds and pinks because I feel like they accentuate my all-too-often red face. Alternatively, are there colors that would help minimize the redness?

Blushing Beauty


Dear Blushing Beauty,

I’m sure your situation is frustrating at times. As a Soft, you have colors from both the warm and cool sides of the spectrum. Because of your excessive blushing, steer clear of the reds and pinks from your palette and stick with the blues, greens, and teals on your color swatches. Any of your neutrals will be great on you, like the grays, navy and browns.

Although you didn’t ask this in your question, I’d like to offer some makeup advice as well. Wear more neutral tones of blush and lipstick and stay nearer to the warmer shades like peach instead of pink shades. There is a green-tinted foundation primer that is often used on ruddy complexions to help to counter redness. It is applied first to clean, moisturized skin and then foundation goes directly over it. The result is a much more even skin tone and should a situation arise where you still blush, the coverage will help camouflage the redness.

One last tip is to accessorize by wearing earrings and necklaces so there’s more to focus on that just your redness.

– The Fashion Fixer