Dear Fashion Fixer,
I really love the camouflage trend and am wondering the best way to add it to my wardrobe without looking too young. I’m in my mid-fifties and am closer to a fashionista. No blazers for me! I love to keep up with current trends but not look like my twenty-something daughter.

–Wanting to wear camouflage

Dear ‘Wanting to wear camouflage’,

After a certain age, it can be tricky to pull off super trendy things without looking like you’re trying too hard. The key is to wear ONE trendy piece like camo or faux fur with more classic items like tailored slacks or dressy jeans and a solid color sweater or blouse (or even a classic jacket, though you don’t like blazers) and wear with solid color neutrals, such as camel, olive, black, brown or winter cream. Since camo is is associated with masculine clothing, choose feminine pieces to balance your look. Heels and pearls would be a beautiful way to pull this look together. You could also wear pink camo in a pair of tennis shoes or flats to add a great trend for the season! –

-The Fashion Fixer