It’s that time of year to work on your Spring wardrobe!
This past week I spent a few hours on getting my closet spring-ready! It takes time to do that but it is SO WORTH IT! I followed my rules for the 27 Hanger Closet spring-2and learned a few things while doing so that I wanted to pass along to you.
  • As I pulled out my spring clothes from last season, I made a decision that if I didn’t wear it last year (but packed it away thinking I might wear it THIS year), I thought to myself, “Why in the world do I think I’ll wear it this season?” So I donated them to charity. Why clutter my closet with more clothes that I won’t wear?
  • Sometimes you need 2 different sets of 27 pieces for your lifestyle! I have a work wardrobe (speaking) and a regular life, stay at home, run errands, lunch with friends, dates with hubby wardrobe! Though I don’t need 27 pieces in my speaking wardrobe (there is some cross over) I DO need 27 hangers for my regular life wardrobe so I decided to keep my speaking wardrobe in a separate part of my closet and it’s so freeing seeing my regular life wardrobe in front of my eyes!! It’s like shopping in my own boutique!
  • Oh dear, shoes. In the 27 Hanger Closet videos, I recommend having 3 pairs of shoes. But what if I have 20 pairs of shoes? Or 30? Well, I found that we REALLY only require 3 pairs of shoes for our lifestyle. For example, for my spring wardrobe, I really needed to purchase three new pairs because I am HARD on shoes. Yes, I have some shoes in my spring wardrobe that I don’t wear all the time (maybe I got them for a special occasion, or because I thought I needed them, or maybe I just liked them!) but really, we only need three pairs of shoes for our regular life (majority lifestyle wardrobe)…for me, it’s a pair of cute flats, a pair of casual slides and a pair of cute leopard sneakers. I DO have several pairs for my speaking wardrobe (for you it might be your work wardrobe) and a pair of ratty sneakers for walking the dog each day. But for my 27 hanger regular life wardrobe, 3 pairs are adequate. Did I throw out my other shoes? Of course not! I just know the three pair that I’ll wear the most and keep them in close proximity!
  • Shopping list. Yep, I used it! (It’s the download in the course) I’m still filling in the few things I need to complete my 27 pieces for my regular life (majority lifestyle) but it’s so FUN to shop on purpose!!!
Just thought I’d give you an update on my closet! Did you get the free trend list from last week’s newsletter that had the spring trends guideline you can carry in your purse? If not, here’s a link to get it ….you’ll love it and it’s FREE!
Happy Spring!

P.S. I’d LOVE to hear how your spring closet is looking! Email me here to let me know!


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