I’ve noticed a lot of shorter type Capri pants in stores and boutiques and though warmer weather is approaching, Capri pants are not the most flattering capri lengthi magestyle on legs UNLESS you know the rules for wearing them.
We all have ‘diamonds’ in our legs…even though you might not be wearing any on your fingers I’ll bet I could find some on your legs!
Notice in the diagram where the legs touch together? Then notice where they don’t? See the opening in the legs? Those are your diamonds! No matter what bottom you’re wearing; whether it is a skirt, dress, ankle pant, shorts or capris, make sure the end of your skirts or pants ends in the center of a diamond, this way your shape will look its best! This is the most flattering position on your legs for your hem length to end.
And if you only have a diamond at your ankle or none at all? Then opt for your hem length to hit right at the center of your knee…if you stand up straight and look in a full length mirror, you’ll notice that the side of your knees have a slight curve on the sides and if your skirt hits right there, then this works too! It’s called the “Classic Chanel Length” and looks good on everyone.
When trying to find your diamonds, make sure to stand up straight with your feet at the 10 and 2 position (sort of like First Position in ballet) but make sure your heels are almost touching. You’ll easily be able to find your diamonds this way.
Happy Capri shopping!