Happy Mother’s Day to you! Thank you to all who nominated moms in the Natalie Attiredcontest…it was too hard to choose so now we have THREE winners! Congrats to those beautiful moms…I’ll share in an upcoming newsletter about them…so stay tuned!

So many days the world seems to have gone crazy, doesn’t it? My girlfriends and I talk about it all the time — how we worry about standing for our faith in these troubled times, what will become of our kids and grandkids, and how we can truly be the strong women we know God created us to be despite all that pulls at us. It’s why I am so excited to tell you about a book my dear friend, Lisa Whittle, wrote — JUST FOR US. It’s called Put Your Warrior Boots On: Walking Jesus Strong Once and For All, and it’s a most important book for this moment in time, especially. Not only does it give us concrete help for the shifting sands of culture, but it is packaged in just 8 chapters which are 8 declarations a warrior boots believer makes over our life in order to walk Jesus strong — declarations like I will know what I believe and I am able. It also includes journaling pages and a book study, right inside the book. It’s on sale right now and well worth your just over $10, so ORDER IT TODAY and even get some bonus gifts that feature fashion advice with ME!

P.S. I mentor a group of women at my home on Monday nights and though we usually don’t do book studies, this one is a MUST so we are beginning it next week! You should do it too…it’s AMAZING!  

Love, Shari
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