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When you were a girl, would you have described yourself as brave? What about beautiful? If you’re like me, the answer would have been a big, fat NO!

If you have a daughter between the ages of 8-12 I’m going to BEG you (unashamedly) to buy this book for her. PLEASE.

I had the privilege of reading it before it released and as I read through the pages I found myself reading every word with excitement and anticipation, even desiring to take the chapter quizzes and participate in the journaling. If someone had given this book to me when I was a tween, many of my life mistakes might have been avoided. Girls’ lives will be divinely changed because of this book.

It’s called Brave Beauty and it’s the most important book (besides the Bible of course) that your daughter will read this year. Or next. Or ever.

The author, Lynn Cowell, is my guest on this month’s podcast so listen in on our conversation and then get a copy for every tween in your life.

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