Hi Beautiful!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and I spent the afternoon at the laundry mat washing my bedding. My husband tried his best to dissuade me but believe it or not, I love going there!!! There are no distractions except the lull of the washers and dryers, and for some reason, I find it peaceful and comforting. I spent time journaling about the past year and also about the new things coming up for Fashion Meets Faith…and for YOU.

So let’s talk about YOU for a minute. About six weeks ago, I sent out a survey asking how best we here at Fashion Meets Faith could assist you. Over 1000 of you answered so we set out to deliver. And oh my goodness you won’t even believe what we are doing for you!

Suffice it to say, that in about 10 days, you are going to find out….get ready, because it’s the BIGGEST thing we’ve ever done…and I truly believe it’s going to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!!! It has already begun rocking ours here in the office and we can HARDLY CONTAIN OUR EXCITEMENT!!!!!

I know, I know, you have to wait 10 more days to find out…but trust me, IT IS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!

GET READY….here’s a preview of our excitement….watch this video!

I love you!!!!