Need Glasses?
Did you know that when you wear glasses, they should never be wider than your face, nor should they be smaller than the width? They should be flush with the width of your face. Great thing to know, right? If you’re buying glasses online, it’s hard to tell the width so be careful with that. I posted this graphic on Instagram earlier this week so if you’re not following me there, you might want to so you can get daily style hacks and ideas!

Meet Sherry B!
Isn’t she the cutest? Sherry is one of our 27 Hanger Closet members and she asked me about her outfit…does it work? Doesn’t it?     

So I wrote out what works and labeled it on her photo and then I put it on Facebook. We had such a great response from it, I decided to do things like this more often so if you’re not on our 27 Hanger page OR the Fashion Meets Faith page, make sure you join the fun! (You must have purchased 27 Hangers in order to join that page but Fashion Meets Faith is open to all.) And if you have an outfit you want critiqued send it to me! You might just be featured somewhere!!!