Summer Wedding Season is Here
…and you’re probably thinking about what to wear.

No fear, Shari is here!

Last week, I had the honor and GREAT FUN to help my future daughter in law choose her wedding gown. Her mother and she invited me to New York to help them shop at Kleinfeld’s (the famous Say Yes to the Dress store in NYC!)

After trying on multiple dresses, she said YES to the DRESS! And it is GORGEOUS! They will be married Memorial Day weekend 2018 the same weekend Luke graduates from West Point!

With all the planning, it got me thinking about a few of the questions we’ve been throwing around. Like, what should we tell our guests to wear, or should we? Also, what color dress should the mother of the bride wear? Mother of the groom? What about the bridesmaids? Who picks first?

Here are a few things I’ve found out that might be helpful to you too!

  • If the couple goes to the trouble of sharing the dress code on the invitation or their wedding website, take note and follow it. If none is listed, then consider the venue. If it’s a location like a country club or ballroom, then wear cocktail attire. If it’s a beach or more relaxed location, then a pretty dress is appropriate. Never wear pants unless it’s a dressy pantsuit.
  • Leave sexy for another time. This is the night for the bride to stand out. Not you.
  • No white, beige, blush or soft patterns on white. Since many brides are wearing shades of pastels and different types of whites, it’s better for the guest to opt for a color that will not look similar.
  • Wear your dancing shoes! Don’t wear super high heels unless you know you can dance the night away in them. Consider bringing a fold up pair of ballet flats that you can stash in your purse so your feet won’t hurt.
  • Once the bridesmaids dresses are chosen by the bride (and bridesmaids, you don’t get a choice in this…be a good bridesmaids and just smile and happily wear what she chooses for you…it’s her day, not yours (I feel like I keep saying that…do I see a trend here????) Once the bridesmaids dresses are chosen, then the Mother of the BRIDE goes next. She should choose a dress that will coordinate with the wedding party. It can be a color that is similar, but not the same, or an accent color. Once the Mother of the Bride chooses her dress, then she should let the Mother of the Groom know the color she chose and then the MOG chooses one that coordinates with hers. These dresses should be close in color, but not exact. For example, for our upcoming wedding, the bridesmaids will be wearing navy blue with gold, so the MOB is going to look for gold while I will look for bronze. The MOB gets priority in this and chooses first.
Happy Summer Wedding Shopping!
Love, Shari