‘Greenery’ is the 2017 Color of the Year!


Authorities in the fashion industry and color world are calling this color a fresh and zesty yellow green that instantly reminds you of springtime. “Greenery” is a bright, rich, grass, green hue that will make someone smile as soon as they see you in it! Now that’s what a call a FABULOUS color!

So you think you can’t wear green? Think again.

Each of you has at least one shade of green that looks delightful on you. Just look at your color swatches (if you have them) and find your green. Because ‘Greenery’ most likely won’t be on your swatches since it’s a new trend color, choose the green that looks the freshest and most exciting and wear it! Remember, stay as close to the intensity of the colors on your swatches as possible and no more than two shades removed from them. Look up last week’s Fashion Fixer on my blog and find the key word that goes along with your color category and find a green that fits that description. For example, if you are a Deep, then you’ll want to find a “Bold” green. (If you need to determine your dominant color characteristic, take my free quiz here! … you can purchase a set of color swatches to shop with confidence for only $24.95 here)

Spring Trends!

spring-trends stripes slit-sleeve

There are so many marvelous new trends this spring! I can’t share all of them because it would take a very long newsletter so let’s consider this Part 1 and I’ll tell you about a few of them, okay? Okay!


The fashion industry is always coming up with new ways to say things so instead of blue and white Nautical Stripes, this year they are red and white Seaside Stripes! The second trend in stripes is called Banker Stripes, aka, Pinstripes.


Flowy sleeves that have a slit right down the side of the arm…don’t say that too fast though! Wear a few bracelets and bangles with these tops.


Last year we saw the “cold shoulder” with both shoulders cut out, but this year it’s only ONE shoulder cut out. However, If you have a top with both shoulders cut out, as your fashion and style expert I’m giving you permission to wear it anyway. Tell the fashion police I said it was okay!


You will see these appliques on everything from jeans to lightweight capes and even on footwear.

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ffDear Fashion Fixer,

With Spring coming I know I’ll be wearing fewer layers – maybe just a top with leggings or legging crop pants.  It seems like I see women of all figure types wearing leggings with tops or shirts and short vests that don’t cover much.  I know if I have extra fluff I probably shouldn’t be wearing shorter tops with them, but is it ok to wear a shorter top with leggings if I have a good figure? – Leggings Rule Follower

Dear Leggings Rule Follower, 

BLESS you for asking, because in my 30+ years in the fashion industry it is the #1 BROKEN FASHION RULE! You’re right; leggings are everywhere and are continuing to grow in popularity, but modesty is key no matter what your figure type. Your tunic should always fall at or below your fingertips when your arms are at your side. AND, make sure your top doesn’t have an uneven hem and allow any “peek-a-boo-parts” showing! 

Be careful with prints, too. Some leggings brands are known for their fun prints but even though prints are usually a good way to camouflage, they can also exaggerate when worn on your legs because you can’t help look directly at them when you see them! So if you are a larger size gal or have heavy thighs, you’ll probably want to steer clear of print leggings. Also, when wearing a print, make sure the fabric is heavy enough and has good coverage, and pair it with a solid tunic or long sweater.  

Have fun with prints, but if in doubt, don’t!  Finally, one final word to the “D” body shapes (gain weight in the derriere, hips or thighs) you may want to say “no” to this trend, unless you wear a darker color print, with a very long, flowy tunic that doesn’t “hug” you in the wrong places!    – The Fashion Fixer