I have a favor to ask you.
Will you tell me your story?

Tell me when you stopped feeling good about yourself. Tell me where your struggle began with your outer appearance. Did it start in elementary school, college, as a young adult or somewhere else?

Did someone say or do something to you to make you feel less than beautiful? Was it your mother, husband, friend, sibling, relative?

Are you still carrying the weight of that around today? Or has God healed you from it?

What helped you overcome or are you still waiting to have victory over this area of your life?

I want you to just gush it out onto paper.

I believe that as a community of believers we can find healing in the process of sharing our stories with others. I also believe there are hundreds, maybe thousands of women who will find hope in hearing your story, especially if you’ve found victory. And if you’re still waiting on your victory, then we need to hear your story so we can share in the struggle with you.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with this, but I can pretty much promise you it’s going to be bigger than you or I ever imagined.

Let’s see what God does with your story.

Email your “Beauty Wound” story in 1000 words or less to my personal email address.

In the subject line of the email write:
Beauty Wound: Your Name

For example, if I were writing, the subject line would look like this:
Beauty Wound: Shari B.  

P.S. By sending your story to me, you are giving Fashion Meets Faith permission to use it in a manner that is respectful and worthy of you. Please know I will not use your full name and if you wish for me to use a pseudo name, I can do that, just let me know. Again, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these but I can pretty much guess that the Lord is going to want me to share these with the world in one way or another so other women can find healing and hope where there’s been none. Even if you don’t have hope yet, I’ll bet the Lord will help you find it through writing it out.

I love you and have already begun praying for those who will be sending me their stories…and thank you for trusting me.