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Bras for the Hard-to-fit or Breast Cancer Conquerors!

A few weeks ago my newsletter discussed bras and bust lines and it brought LOTS of emails to me with questions about specialty e004d9ab1b2c7a5d19ef0ceb_854x548bras and where one might find them. You’ll see one of the emails in the Fashion Fixer below but before you get to that, I want to tell you about a couple of resources I found out about since then!

Jeanette Spornitz is a custom bra creator!

She and I have had several email conversations since my last newsletter and if you want to try out this amazing service, then I’d suggest you give it a go! Her website is www.sewuplifting.com The photos here are bras she’s made. If you are difficult to fit, then this service might be perfect for you. If you are a sewing enthusiast, then you can even take her class and she’ll show you how to make your own bras! (I know she’s in Canada and most of you are in the U.S but maybe she’ll design an online class if enough of you ask her…hint hint Jeanette! 🙂

Veronica is a Breast Cancer Conqueror and is in need of a new fitting since her lumpectomy, especially now that the swelling has subsided. She wrote because she wanted to let others know that many hospitals may have just the place for you! Her local hospital actually has a gift shop where they have a special area for bra fitting for those going through breast cancer surgery and after. She said they are very professional and supportive and most insurance companies will pay for these bras. She said it was such a blessing to her during that time. The name of her gift shop is The Wishing Well at CMC Northeast in Concord, NC. She said she would imagine there are many other similar places where you live. They have everything from comfortable sleeping/sports bras to no underwire, or underwire if you prefer, to camisoles, as well as prosthetic inserts/nipples.

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM VERONICA: “Praise God I’m cancer free now, and so glad I paid attention to the fact that my bras weren’t fitting right due to swelling and pain which led to several visits to my doctor despite a normal mammogram. Due to my persistence, they ran a diagnostic mammogram and found very early stage invasive ductal carcinoma. Paying attention to our bodies and even how our bras are fitting can be a life saver! I also learned a lot about proper breast care from foods we eat for breast health, to not wearing sports Bras to bed, and being sure to wear properly fitted bras!”

More Resources! 93c6a216e8fbb5b626f8cb9d_428x428

From our FMF Reader Lori: Bezi bra discs nipple concealers ($17) She said they come in different skin colors and you can wash them and re-wear them too! Ruby Ribbon has Cami Bra Shapers that are a dream to wear. I talked about these in my December’s Podcast so make sure to listen! Visit Ruby Ribbon and find a consultant near you or reach out to Ann Stone to order! Do you have a fashion emergency question you’d like answered? Email me your questions!





Dear Fashion Fixer, I have a huge challenge. I can only wear cotton bras because of my allergies to certain fabrics. My bras fit terribly but I can’t find any retailers that have nice looking t-shirt no underwire bras that are cotton and in a size 34/36 A. And I want ones that are a nude color so they don’t show through clothes. I feel like I’m looking for a needle in a haystack. Any suggestions of where to shop? -Cotton Challenge


Dear Cotton Challenge, As if finding the right bra isn’t hard enough … adding an allergy to the mix makes it more complicated!! We have a few suggestions for you, and would love to know if one of them proves successful!

Have you tried Bare Necessities? They offer a few cotton bras without underwires. Another great one our team found is www.lulalu.com which has a lot of options for small bustlines as well.

Other websites to try are www.cottonbras.com and www.thirdlove.com

Having a custom bra made just for you is a great option as well! Reach out to Jeanette Spornitz at: jeanetteinstitches@gmail.com if you’d like to give that a try. Let us know if you find a favorite! – The Fashion Fixer